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Free Assessment

Because every person is unique Holm Studio offers a FREE 60-minute personal assessment/training session.
We listen to you to find out what your goals, expectations and needs are, taking into account your workout, medical and injury history. We then take you through a physical assessment, including a postural and gait analysis, as well as taking you though a small workout. We then can recommend an effective strategy to achieve your goals.

One on One Training

Our one-on-one sessions are customized to your individual needs in a relaxed and private setting. We address individual goals; lifestyle changes; food intake and supplementation; cardiovascular and strength programming and flexibility and mobility needs. We are here to educate, empower and motivate you for long-lasting success!

Partner & Small Group Training

For those interested in working out with friends or family, we offer a small group training option of 2-4 people. Working out with someone you know helps create accountability and a fun environment.

Group Classes

  • Boot Camps - Small Group workouts of 4 people that will burn maximal calories, pump up your metabolism, and tone your body with these total body strength circuit workouts! Join Us!
  • Kickboxing Class
  • Flexibility Class - Are long days and old injuries leaving you tight and inflexible? Join us for an hour of active and static stretching, yoga postures, breathing exercises and more which will leave you feeling limber and relaxed.
  • Early Bird Boot Camp - Burn maximum calories, pump up your metabolism, and tone your body with our early morning workouts!
  • 5K Running Class - Get Ready to run a 5k this fall! This 8-week training program will prepare you to successfully cross the finish line in a local race of our choice! Let's Get Running!

Class Schedule

We regularly change the days and times of our Classes according to the needs of our clients; please inquire if there is a specific time and day you are looking for. We would love to create one that works for you!


Weight Loss

We know weight loss is a journey that takes dedication and perseverance, and we will be there with you every step of the way. We work closely with you to help you set and achieve your personal goals. Our mission is to have you develop lasting life style changes to support your long term success.

Sports Performance

Take your performance to the highest level with Holm Studio Personal Training. We will help you improve speed, agility, power, balance and reaction time while also addressing injury prevention, recovery and movement mechanics. From the high school athlete all the way to the masters level competitor, we will coach you through an individualized sports specific program designed for your success.

Corrective Exercise (poor posture, problem knees, joints, post-rehabilitation, etc...)

The wear and tear of life can wreak havoc on our bodies and cause chronic pain and injuries. Through a variety of assessments, we identify muscle imbalances, improper movement patterns, postural deviations and poor flexibility. We will work with you to improve balance, strength and mobility through a series of corrective strategies.

Our goal is to help you become a fully functioning, active individual.

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal

We are qualified and have experience in training women up to, during, and after pregnancy. Maintaining your overall strength, endurance and stamina during your pregnancy often improves recovery time following delivery. Additionally, exercising during pregnancy can help reduce tension, stress and keeps you active.

Youth Training

Our goal at Holm Studio Personal Training is to foster a positive attitude towards health and fitness during this critical time in our kids' lives. We feel that by helping to create this, it will encourage them to make healthier decisions in the future. We design our programs to be fun and creative to keep the children interested and motivated. (Ages 12+)

Senior Training

As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass, bone density and flexibility, making it harder to complete everyday activities. Our goal is to help you become an active senior who can play with your grandkids; enjoy golf and tennis; walk your dog; or participate in all the activities of your choice. You have worked hard; you deserve a body that allows you enjoy this time of your life.

Massage Therapy

By Appointment
Please Call 630.444.2131

Patrice Sibert - Massage TherapistPATRICE SIBERT, LMT NCBTMB, LET

"Massage should be part of a healthy lifestyle, not just a luxury."

Patrice has practiced massage, skin care and endermologie in the St. Charles area for over 7 years. She received her certification at Northern Prairie School of Massage, Sycamore, IL. She is state licensed and nationally certified in massage therapy. Patrice specializes in treating the whole body with massage modalities such as: Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Manual Lymphatic and Myo-Fascial Release techniques. She is also certified in pre/post natal massage.

Her specialty lies in her ability to listen to what her clients want and then to deliver that in each massage session.

"We can't get massage treatments everyday, so I feel it is important not to just pamper, but to teach my clients who may suffer with stress, injury or chronic pain how to help themselves through at-home techniques."

Patrice lives locally in St Charles.